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SAR Dynamics welcomes Damian Stones to “The Collective”

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We are excited to add Nelson New Zealand based mountain biker Damian Stones to the roster.

Damian is a renowned MTB coach and backcountry specialist and is heavily involved in the Nelson MTB scene.

The trails around Nelson are sublime and Damian is a great ambassador for riding in the area.

Damian is now equipped with an ACR ResQlink PLB from SAR Dynamics for emergency coverage especially when heading into backcountry locations.

Welcome aboard Damo and we look forward to working together on getting the safety message out there to the growing MTB community.

Happy Trails


SAR Dynamics teams up with Kiwi MTB stalwart “The Rodfather” Rod Bardsley

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We are stoked to announce that we are teaming up with New Zealand mountain bike stalwart Rod Bardsley.

Officially known as “The RodFather” Rod is very active in the mountain bike community in New Zealand and is a regular columnist for SPOKE magazine.

We have supplied Rod with an ACR ResQlink Personal Locator Beacon for emergency coverage during his pursuits and we are going to be working closely with him to promote safety in the backcountry around PLB usage.

With New Zealand littered with high quality trails, including multi day options a PLB should be the first thing that goes in your pack.

Visit the SAR STORE for more information about the ACR ResQlink PLB range and for kiwi buyers contact us directly for our best price.

Rod has just launched a website for all things mountain biking including product reviews, tips and tricks and ride reports.

Be sure to visit www.therodfather.co.nz

Happy Trails




SAR Dynamics supported by TRANSITION BIKES and SUPERSPORTS Australia

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SAR Dynamics is super excited to announce that we are teaming up with TRANSITION BIKES Australian distributor SUPERSPORTS to get our safety message out to mountain bikers.

Various TRANSITION BIKES will be our vehicle of choice during our MTB pursuits, using them as a tool to promote preparedness and safety for all mountain bikers.

They have a killer range and are designed by riders for riders. No corporate bullshit.

I have been mountain biking for over 25 years and the Patrol is the best bike I have ridden thus far.


Check out the range at www.supersports.net.au or from your local dealer.

For Brisbane based riders drop in and see Justin at FORTHERIDERS  as he is your go to man for TRANSITION.

Giddy Up.

Happy Trails


SAR Dynamics supported by SAHMURAI SWORD mountain bike tyre repair tool

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SAR Dynamics is teaming up with SAHMURAI SWORD Australia to showcase a great little product that is now available in both Australia and New Zealand.

The SAHMURAI SWORD is a mtb tubeless repair tool that fits in the end of your handlebars.

Designed by Stefan Sahm it is a great innovative product for all mountain bikers especially enduro racers and backcountry warriors.

Check em out.

Happy Trails

Visit www.sahmurai.com.au or www.sahmurai.nz for more information.

SAR Dynamics supported by DHARCO MTB clothing

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We are excited to announce that DHARCO clothing is providing SAR Dynamics with mountain bike clothing to keep us comfortable and looking good whilst getting out our safety message to mountain bikers.

Designed with care on Sydney’s Northern Beaches their product range has a surf influence.

Made for Australian conditions you will feel just as comfortable after a ride hitting the shop or pub for a beer.

Be sure to visit www.dharco.com to check out the great range available now.

Happy Trails


The Rotary Wing Show Podcast #36 Survival and Rescue with John Hudson

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During my commute up the M1 to work I listened to a great podcast off the Rotary Wing Show #36 Survival and Rescue with John Hudson.

John Hudson is the UK Military’s chief survival instructor and has tons of experience in the field.

Hosted by Mick Cullen I found this episode very informative with some great information on survival for not just aviators but anyone who ventures into the outdoors.

It also covers off on Personal Locator Beacon usage and methods of signalling.

Click on the link above to access the podcast.