Mark Turner – Rescue Helicopter Crewman, Mountain Biker

Mark Turner has a long history working in the emergency services sector firstly as a Fire Fighter with NSW Fire and Rescue and currently as a Rescue Helicopter Crewman.

His flying career has taken him many places working out of bases in both New South Wales and Queensland.

He has been mentored by some of the industries best “old hands” and continues to enjoy working in the multi-disciplinary environment.

Mark was involved in the flood rescues of January 10th 2011 in Grantham Queensland where he and his colleagues onboard the AW139 helicopter RESCUE 500 managed to save 28 lives.

They received many awards both nationally and internationally and it showcased the industry and the AW139 helicopter to the world.

Mark loves adventure sports and escapes the stresses of the job enjoying mountain biking, snowboarding and surfing with fellow crew members and close friends.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other adventure seekers about backcountry safety and Personal Locator Beacon usage.


Housemartin – ( Anka and Sven Martin )

HOUSEMARTIN is a mountain bike tour company based in Nelson New Zealand and the brainchild of both Anka and Sven Martin.

Anka is a renowned enduro racer and backcountry enthusiast sponsored by JULIANA BICYCLES and SRAM.

Sven is the worlds best freelance mountain bike photographer who works for VITAL MTB.

These guys live and breathe all things mountain biking and love nothing more than showing like minded people around their back yard and beyond with HOUSEMARTIN.

SAR Dynamics has supplied HOUSEMARTIN with an ACR ResQlink Personal Locator Beacon for emergency coverage in remote backcountry locations.

We are stoked to be working with them to promote backcountry safety based around PLB’s.

Welcome to “The Collective” guys.

Photo: Duncan Philpott

Rob Potter – ( Mountain Biker,  Trail Builder,  Advocate,  Magazine Contributor )

Rob Potter is an avid downhiller and all-mountain rider hailing for Tasmania who works as a contract trail builder and is a regular contributor for Revolution magazine.

Rob rides for Rocky Mountain Bikes and Smith Optics and likes nothing better than getting out into the backcountry scoping new lines.

If you have ridden Hollybank ( Tasmania ) or Atherton (North Queensland) you would have sampled some of Rob’s handiwork .

He is also a passionate trail advocate.

Welcome to “The Collective” Rob.

Josh Monin – Offshore Snow Shapes

Josh Monin is a passionate snowboarder from the mid north coast of New South Wales who has an addiction for Japanese pow and pillow lines.

Hokkaido on the north island of Japan is his second home and the backcountry is his play ground.

Josh and his business partner Richie Willcocks own OFFSHORE SNOW SHAPES which is an progressive powder snow board company embracing the “Snow surf” culture.

Welcome to “The Collective” Josh.


Rod Bardsley – “The Rodfather”


We welcome “The Rodfather” Rod Bardsley to the Collective.

Rod is a kiwi mountain bike stalwart based in the Wellington region of New Zealand.

He is very active in the kiwi MTB scene and also is a regular contributor for SPOKE magazine.

We are looking forward to working with Rod promoting backcountry safety around Personal Locator Beacons.

Welcome mate and no you cannot order a latte from your PLB.